July 8, 2019

19.06 Product Release

Business Office

  • A Warning message helps ensure that buyer information is accurate.
    An Invalid Birth Date warning displays in the Buyer/CoBuyer screen if the date of birth is not valid. To clear the warning, update the Birth Date in the Customer Information screen and continue processing the deal.



  • Updates to Georgia, Kentucky, and Utah reports help keep you compliant.
    Additional fields and file formats have been updated to comply with new changes for Georgia, Kentucky, and Utah reporting. The Kentucky and Utah Unemployment reports now include the Service Capacity Upgrade Fund (SCUF) rate.


General Ledger

  • View your account balances easier with updates to the Transaction Analysis screen.
    A scroll bar has replaced the Previous and Next options in the Transaction Analysis screen, allowing you to review your account balances more quickly.



  • Additional data helps locate missing reflection documents more quickly.
    The Reflections Exception Report now returns the Customer Name instead of the Doc Type and includes the Deal Type when Deal is selected as the Document Type.


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